Tuesday 6.18.19

Bob B.

Bob B.

Gunners Corner:
Do you want to feel your best? Of course! We all do. Sometimes we are coming to the gym, on the Committed Club every month, doing extra running outside of class, trying to Rx every single WOD…. And we feel like crap. If you’ve ever been there (I definitely have!), it’s time to take a good look at the “Five Factors of Health” that have been hanging in the gym for over a year now:

Eat: Real food, not too much, mostly plants.

Sleep: 7-9 hours a night, every night.

Train: 5-6 days a week of constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity (a.k.a. CROSSFIT)

Think: Never whine, never complain, and never make excuses.

Connect: Build, sustain, and grow deep relationships.

Source: Project Elevation

Overall health and fitness is comprised of many things — not just WOD’s. It’s beneficial to take a step back, assess where we are in all five areas and start making a sustainable game plan.

Gymnastics Skill Development
12 min: Alternate between
Min 1 - HS Walk Practice or Plank Shoulder Taps
Min 2 - Muscle-ups or Rope Climbs

12 min AMRAP:
20 Single Arm Push Press (alternate every 10 reps) 50/35
20 Toes to Bar
20 Box Step-Overs with DB Goblet Hold (24″/20″)

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