Tuesday 4.9.19

Cindy G.

Cindy G.

Tripod Position: 3 min
Take 3 minutes to practice getting into a Tripod Position. Place the hands and forearms on the floor about shoulder width apart. Slowly pull one knee to sit on the tricep and then the other knee to sit on the tricep. Find balance in this position.

10 min:
Six sets of:
Kipping Handstand Push-Ups x 3-5 reps

Rest 15 seconds

**Add 2-4″ deficit if you’d like to increase the difficulty. If you do not have kipping handstand push-ups, then please do the following:

Elevated Foot Handstand Push-Ups


3 Rounds:
400m KB Farmer Carry 53/35
25 Burpees
-35 min time cap-
Sc: 35/20 or unweighted 400m
Reduce burpees if needed.
If we run out of KB, use DB. If we run out of DB, use 45/35 # plates.

Mandi Reading