Monday 4.15.19

Niki H.

Niki H.

Mark your calendars!

Friday, April 18 - Good Friday - regular schedule
Sunday, April 20 - Easter - gym will be closed
Friday, April 26  - Friday night BBQ
Friday, May 10 - Girls Night Out @ Shotgun CrossFit.  Zumba w/ Tina!  
Tuesday, May 21 - CHILDCARE APPRECIATION DAY!  A day to recognize our amazing childcare staff and all they offer us at Shotgun. 

The Fittest Experience is the largest CrossFit competition in Texas and is coming up the beginning of May. We have a few athletes who are competing in it in Austin. This week we are testing The Fittest Experience workouts just for kicks.  There are many scaling options -- let's have some fun!!

Take 10-15 minutes to practice handstand walks. Check out the following articles to select a drill(s) that works best for you:

Handstand Work from the Ground Up

Handstand Walk Progressions

The Importance of Handstand Fall-Overs


One running clock.

12 Min Cap:
1 Mile Run with Weighted Vest


AMRAP in Remaining Amount of Time:
4 Alternating Pistols
4 Box Jump Overs 24/20


12 min time cap:
1 mile run


AMRAP in remaining time:
4 Alternating Pistols
4 Box Jump Overs

1 mile run/2000m row*


4 air squats
4 Box step over

*Reduce distance to 1200m run or 1500 row if necessary

Mandi Reading