Tuesday 4.2.19

Bea M.

Bea M.

CrossFit Total

Back Squat - 1 RM (15 - 20 min)
Strict Press - 1 RM (10-15 min)
Deadlift - 1 RM - (15 - 20 min)

Score:  BS/SP/DL/Total

*Athlete gets 3 attempts at each lift.  You must “declare” your weight before each attempt.
- First attempt be a weight you know you can hit for a triple. 
- Second weight should be something you know without a doubt you can hit for a single.
- Third attempt - If all is well, go for that new PR.
Focus, visualize, deep breath, and crush your previous PR!

** This should take no more than the class time.  You must go in order (squat, press, deadlift).  The squat and deadlift will take the most time, so keep that in mind. Be smart.  Don’t get hurt!

Suggested warm-up for lifts:
1×5 @~40%,  of attempt #1
1×3 @~60%, 
1×1-2 @~75%, 
1×1 @~80%
1×1 @~90%. 
Time to declare and go for it!

Mandi Reading