Monday 4.1.19

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Now that the Open is over — it’s time to hit some areas we’ve neglected for too long. A big area that needs constant attention is:


It’s time to build those posterior neck muscles. This is super important for spine health as well as physique. I mean — who doesn’t want a sexier neck?

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Today we will use our newest piece of Rogue equipment: the neck harness. To weight it use the kettlebells. Let’s just go for the gold and find our 10 rep-max Let’s see what our neck muscles can handle! 35 lbs? 53 lbs? Who can do the 70# for a set of 10?

Let’s have some fun, do some things we’ve done in a while — or in this case — ever.


Find 10 rep max *.
PLEASE VIEW video for proper technique. As always, form over load guys!

Mandi Reading