Monday 3.25.19

6:30 PM Crew supporting Mari -19.5

6:30 PM Crew supporting Mari -19.5

*To earn a 2019 Shotgun OPEN t-shirt:
- do ALL 5 workouts and submit ALL 5 scores on time.
- be a full paying member of Shotgun CrossFit.

Do 19.5 
(Remember to arrange for your own judge!)


Coach led Warm-Up

Easy 5K run.
(Not a typo, Robbie)
** Leave through first bay door.  Turn left and head NORTH on Getty St.  Turn around is at the corner of Pecos and Getty.  (Pass TacoWay and the little ice/water building is on your left).  It is marked in orange spray paint with “5K” on the ground.

Turn around and come back!

It’s time to recover from 5 weeks of intense Open workouts…. Run/walk/wog a 5K with friends and/or your tunes.  No PR’s today, just continuous moving.

If you know your knees can’t/won’t handle this much running, then row/ski erg a total of 5,000m.  

Mandi Reading