Monday 2.25.19

Colton R. - post 19.1

Colton R. - post 19.1

1.  Open - Going great so far!  So proud of everyone, their efforts, energy and cheers.  What a great vibe ya'll bring to the Open!! 

2.  BBQ - Josh is heading up a weekly Friday night BBQ. It was FANTASTIC last week!!  Please join in the fun this Friday.


4 rounds:
Min 1 - Pigeon pose (alternate legs each round) or reverse pigeon pose on back.
Min 2 - 30-40 sec. Handstand Hold - on wall or free-standing
Min 3 - 10 - 15 Supermans or Superman Rocks

3 Rounds:

800 m run
15 Deadlift 225/155
60 Double Unders

- Place barbells, on the open floor space  or outside on the southside and under the awing.

Sc: DL. 185/105 or less
120 singles


CrossFit OPEN Workout 19.1
*You must arrange for your own judge.

Mandi Reading