Thursday 2.14.19 - Valentine's Day WOD


Valentine's Day WOD!


Dodge Ball - (4-5 min.)
penalty: 3 burpees

Coaches: Split class in 1/2 if needed. 1/2 of class can start on WOD 1, other 1/2 on WOD 2.

WOD of Love 1:

10 min AMRAP
100m Sled pulls 70/45
*Alternate partners

Score: total meters 

8 -10 min rest. (time dependent)

WOD of Love 2:

10 min AMRAP:
20 Partner Wallballs 20/14 (10ft/9ft)
20 Hang Cleans 95/65
20 Burpee over the bar

Score: rounds + reps

Do wallballs together. Toss it to the target and your partner catches it. Each time someone tosses it to the target, it is 1 rep.

Co-Ed teams: Choose your WB weight to share, have separate barbells.

Break up Hang Cleans and burpees however you see fit.

Mandi Reading