Monday 1.21.19

Chantalle R.

Chantalle R.

Ski Erg 5 key points:

1.  Handles:  Hold handles so the longer portion of the bottom of the handles are directed toward the OUTSIDE of the hand.
2.  Bent Elbows:  The “catch” occurs with bent elbows in a “tall” position.
3.  Push:  Push the handles down (not pull).  Like you are pushing ski poles down into the snow.
4.  Hinge/Squat:  There IS a hinge at the hip AND a slight squatting motion with the knees.  It’s a combo.
5.  Finish:  Stroke finishes at the outside of the knees.  No lower

Check out this 5 min video about Ski Erg Fundamentals:

6 sets Every 2:30 sec:
Clean + Front Squat (w/pause) + Clean + Jerk
6 sets 1+1+1+1 @ by feel up to no more than 85% regular C&J
*3 second pause in bottom of each front squat

For time:
15 cals Ski Erg 
15 Ground to Overhead
15 Handstand Push-Ups
10 cals Ski Erg 
10 Ground to Overhead
10 Handstand Push-Ups
5 cals Ski Erg 
5 Ground to Overhead
5 Handstand Push-Ups

Rx: 135/95 lbs; 155/115 lbs; 185/135 lbs

Sc: 95/65 lbs; 115/75 lbs; 135/95 lbs
Cals - 10/7/5
HR Push-ups

Mx: 85/55 lbs; 95/65 lbs; 115/75 lbs
HR Push-ups

Mandi Reading