Tuesday 9.4.18

Shotgun Scavenger Hunt 2018

Shotgun Scavenger Hunt 2018

Gunner Notes:

Coming up:

Team Series. - Choose your partner!  Team Series will be comprised of two weekends.  3 WODs per weekend.  We will be doing one WOD on Friday and then one WOD on Monday.  The teams will do the remaining WOD during the weekend.  Team Series is always fun, but a challenge.  Last year we had A LOT of teams and I hope that happens again.  Let's do this!  REGISTER HERE.


6 Year Anniversary Party - Sept. 22 @ 6:30 pm in Beth Wilson's backyard.  Man, oh, man...  This year is going to be a blast!  Get your bling and babysitters lined up now, you will not want to miss this! Whoop!

** Please watch this video about the butterfly pull-up if you have not watched it yet.

Every 2 min:
Sets 1-3:  Chest-to-Bar Pull-Up Negatives x 3-5 reps @ 41A1
or Negative pull-ups or ring rows
Sets 4-6:  Baby Butterfly Pull-Up or Butterly Pull-up x 5-10 reps or
Pull-ups or ring rows

Team WOD:
10 rounds:
2 min. Max Cals Assault Bike

Alternate partners every 2 min.
Score:  total calories

Mandi Reading