Friday 8.10.18

Gene A.

Gene A.

Strength: Strict Press
Every 2 min.
Set 1  -  5 reps
Set 2  -  3 reps
Set 3-8 -  -  1 rep
Build as you go to a 1-RM. Record this number!

5 rounds:
200-m run
5/10-cal Assault Bike
100-ft. Backwards sled pull (watch where you're going!)

Rx:  135/90
Sc:  8 cal;  90/50 or less

Your sled is going to alternate being on the south or north side of the 100 ft. track.  You drag it 100 ft.  then leave it.  It IS NOT an out and back.  Share sleds and bikes if needed.

Mandi Reading