Wednesday 3.21.18

Yessenia C.

Yessenia C.

10 min EMOM:  
1-4 Reps ring MU
1-4 Pull-up or kipping practice

**Don't just do what you're comfortable with. Take the next step!!** 
If you have bar MU, it's time to head to the rings.  Work on your "cast swings" in order to generate power from the beginning of the jump.

AMRAP 7 minutes of: 
100m shuttle sprint, (50x2) 
10 Air Squats
5 Burpees 

5 min rest 

AMRAP 7 minutes of: 
6 DB Snatch 70/50
25 Double-unders
6 D-Ball Cleans 100/60

Sc: 50/35 or less; 8 DU attempts;  40 lbs or less

Mandi Reading