Monday 3.19.18

Cody E.

Cody E.

1.  LAST WEEK OF THE CrossFit OPEN!  If you have not done 18.4 yet - DO IT MONDAY!  Just be sure you make arrangements for a judge and get it done during class time.  You've come this far -- dig deep and make this happen!  


3.  Air Relax Leg Recovery Systems:
Upstairs I have put two sets of “Air Relax” Leg Recovery Systems as well as two reclining chairs to use.  They work great on helping legs recover, increase blood flow and flush out lactic acid from the muscles.  Basically, it feels like a massage on your legs. These are for coaches and members to use.   We have provided a large pair and an extra large pair.  I really think you're going to love them :)

Please read the instructions below before use:

For use:

1.  Plug in.
2.  Put your legs into the boots.  Pull boots up as high as possible on the legs.
3.  Turn on machine for a 15 min session (I like auto because it gets the whole leg).
4.  Unzip boots and wipe clean with a clorox wipe.
5.  Unplug, fold up and put them back into their respective box.
6.  Fold up and put away chairs.

We ask that these boots and reclining chairs are used for ADULTS only and that they are wiped down and put away as nicely as possible.  Enjoy!

For more info:

2 rounds
Min 1 - Double Pigeon Pose - right leg on top
Min 2 - Iron Cross Stretch- right
Min 3 - Seated Forward fold
*second round use left leg

Strict Pull-ups
*200m run after each round

Sc:  Banded strict PU or awesome ring rows.
100m run

Then - Coach led stretch/cool down


Mandi Reading