Shotgun FOOD Challenge No. 4

We're eating this stuff?

We're eating this stuff?

Shotgun Food Challenge No. 4:

“Avoid food products containing ingredients that no ordinary human would keep in the pantry.”

Ethoxylated diglycerides?
Xanthan gum?
Ammonium sulfate?
Sodium Hexametaphosphate?
Soy lecithin?

What the heck is this stuff??!?

We wouldn’t (and most of the time couldn’t!) buy these unrecognizable products to put on our shelves at home, why do would we mindlessly eat foods or drink beverages that have these manufactured chemicals/ingredients in them?  

These “ingredients” have been manufactured to extend shelf life.  They’re designed to make old food look fresh.  And they are actually designed to make you crave and want to eat more food.  

Bottom line:
Manufacturers win!  More money for them!  
We lose.  We get fatter and unhealthier.

Whether or not these ingredients are a hazard to our health remains to be seen.  However, most of them have not been eaten by humans for very long, but they definitely are best avoided.


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Source:  "Food Rules;  An Eater's Manual" by Michael Pollan

Mandi Reading