Shotgun FOOD: Challenge No. 3

My great-grandmother Theresa Hope Goodman (Tressa was named after her)

My great-grandmother Theresa Hope Goodman
(Tressa was named after her)

Shotgun FOOD:  Challenge No. 3


Challenge No. 3:
“Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”

Imagine your great-grandmother (or grandmother depending on your age) at your side as you roll down the aisles of the supermarket.  You’re standing together in front of the dairy case.  She picks up a package of Go-GURT Portable Yogurt tubes — and hasn’t a clue what this plastic cylinder of colored and flavored gel could possibly be.  

Is it a food or is it toothpaste?  

Today the grocery store is packed with “edible food-like products” that our ancestors would simply not recognize as food.  They are fast and easy, but ARE NOT REAL FOOD. 

The “great-grandma rule” will help keep most of these products out of our carts.

Note:  If your great-grandmother was a terrible cook or eater, substitute someone else’s grandmother!

-Resource:  “Food Rules, An Eater’s Manual” by Michael Pollen

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Mandi Reading