Tuesday 12.4.18

Chriselda H.

Chriselda H.

Every 2:30, for 15 minutes, complete:

Power Clean + Front Squat x 2 reps @ 75% of Power Clean


30 Clean & Jerks

Rx: 135/95 lbs
Mx: 95/65 lbs
Sc:  95/65 or less
* This will be done in 2 heats. Athlete 1 goes first and Athlete 2 counts reps. Reverse roles on heat 2.


This is one that you ATTACK! Push the pace on this. Your opening set should be a big chunk of the 30 reps. For example, you may open with 18 reps, then go to 6 reps, then do 3 reps, then singles for the last 3 reps. You must decide what a good opening set is for you based on your grip strength and posterior endurance but you should attack this with a ferocious mindset. Your mindset should be ‘shins to the bar’ as soon as you drop that bar. Please adjust the loading if you are worried the workout will take you longer then 4 minutes. A sub 2:00 minute on this workout would be INCREDIBLE!

Cash Out: 10 min on bike or rower

Mandi Reading