Tuesday 11.20.18

Roland P.

Roland P.

Skill: 10 min
Dips or Muscle-ups

Accumulate up to 25 reps of ring dips or ring muscle-ups.

Work on kipping ring-dips or choosing appropriate modifications when ring-dips are in the workout. Please do not accumulate more then 25 reps while practicing. Please choose one or two of the following drills or progressions to work on your ring-dips:

Standard Kipping Ring-Dips

Butterfly Ring-Dips

Don’t Bird Peck Your Ring-Dips ** This one is good!!

Getting Your First Ring-Dip

For Time:
1,000 Meter Row
50 Thrusters (45/35)
30 Pull-ups

Sc: 750 row
Assisted pull-ups or ring rows

*Coaches - use a “late start” for this so all athletes can do this benchmark WOD in the order it was written.

Mandi Reading