Tuesday 10.30.18

Jose Cuervo with his Lime & Salt

Jose Cuervo with his Lime & Salt

REMINDER: — HALLOWOD IS WEDNESDAY! Partner WOD and costumes at all class times.

Skills -
10 minutes:
Handstand practice **SEE above video for proper hand position
and/or Double-Under practice
—If you do not have DU’s - now’s your chance to practice!

3 Rounds:
50 Air Squats
25’ Handstand Walk
50 Sit-Ups
25’ Handstand Walk
50 Double-Unders (100 Single-Unders)

Sc: 15′ Handstand Walk
Or  Wall Walks x 2 ascents;
100 singles or 15 DU attempts

The Handstand Walks may slow some down and that is okay. The goal of this workout is to have you handstand walking while breathing in a workout. You may anchor your feet for the sit-ups if you prefer.

Mandi Reading