Thursday 10.25.18

Brittainy A.

Brittainy A.

Note: An important part of the bar muscle up is “knees up”. They should be about “femur length” away from the bar. This is to avoid the dreaded “chicken wing”. Watch the following video to explain further:

2 min EMOM:
Banded Lat Pull-Down x 5-8 reps

2 min EMOM:
Kipping Knees-To-Chest x 5 reps

6 min EMOM:
Bar Muscle-Ups x 1-5 reps

Every 3 minutes, for 24 minutes (8 sets):
Row 250/200 Meters
Note times for every set. GO FOR IT.

Score: slowest time
Sc: If you cannot pull allotted meters within the time cap AND have some rest -
Every 4 minutes for 6 sets.

Mandi Reading