Thursday 1.4.17

Katie S.

Katie S.

Muscle-Up Practice: 
10 min EMOM:
2-4 MU
Scaling Options:
Strict pull-ups
Assisted pull-ups
Ring rows
Bar MU's
** - If you already consistently have BAR MU, it's time to work on some drills on the rings.  Not as sexy, but effective!  See below:
5 min 5-8 swings on rings, then 5 min 4-5 MU transition on low rings

14 min AMRAP:
4 Deficit HSPU
6 Power Cleans 165/115
8 Box Jumps 30/24

Rx: Use "hi-temp" plates:  men - stacks of 45+15# plates;  women - 45# plate
Sc:  HSPU/pike push-ups/dumbbell push press;  reduce weight of power cleans; reduce box height/step-ups.

Mandi Reading