State of the Gym 2018


Dear Gunners,

Whoa -- what a year!

-  1.1 million workouts.  Committed Club members have gone strong all year long.  Who knew that a kindergarten chart that cost $1.50 and a marker could motivate so many to come and get their workout in?!?

- 80 CrossFit Open Athletes.  80 brave Gunners competed in the 2017 CrossFit Open!  Countless inspiring moments.  Wow.  

-  12 Shotgun Coaches.  Almost all are OG members of Shotgun CrossFit (and a few transplants who we’ve happily adopted).

- 4 new Young Guns!   We have loved getting to know the newest additions to our Shotgun family:  Ellie Garibay, Sergio Nunez Jr., Delia Ruiz and Jakob Arreola.

-  2 Shotgun buns in the oven.  Baby Grew is a-growin’ and Baby Arreola will bring the first boy for Amber and Johnny!  We can’t wait!

-  1 well deserved retirement.  Bob Baen has embraced the retired life and has become the newest coach on the Shotgun coaching staff.  Are we lucky or are we lucky?!?

- 3 incredibly giving and patient childcare workers. Thank you Natalie, Jazmine and Aaron!  These 3 make sure Shotgun parents get their workouts in.  We’d be lost without them. 

-  2,071 hip thrusts.  The Shotgun Hi-Steppers showed how to Save a Horse and Ride a CrossFitter this year at the Anniversary Party!  WHAT A NIGHT!

- 5+ years in business! Shotgun CrossFit had its home at 105 East South Street.  Until…

- 100 pounds. The imposed limit of weight we could drop at the old location before we had to “double-mat" our weights (insert eye-roll here).  It was time to find a new home…

-  30+ years.   The Coca- Cola Bottling Plant has had its doors closed and been abandoned— UNTIL NOW!   Leave it to Shotgun to bring this gorgeous, historic  building to life!

- 1 hour.  Length of time it took to move all our equipment down Getty to the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant.

-  5,000 square feet.  Our new home has much more space and we fill up every inch!

-  Too much to count.  The people and hours that have gone into our relocation to the Plant.  Truly, it has been amazing and I could not be more grateful.

-  Dozens.  We are so lucky to have had many new athletes come join the Shotgun family this year.  You’ve made us stronger and better.  We hope you’ve felt welcome and we look forward to many WODs to share/suffer through with you!

-  3 hours.  The length of the Epic Flip Cup game at the Shotgun Christmas Party!

-  1 sweet friend.  Love you, dear Laura.

Although there has been significant growth and changes at Shotgun CrossFit in 2017, the most important things have remained the same:

We do CrossFit.  
We are focused on what is effective, not what is popular.  
We are focused on training for life and overall fitness. 
We believe in and promote solid, healthy nutrition practices. No crazy supplements or products you feel pressured to buy.  Just eat real food.  Mostly plants.  Not too much.
You can expect a lot of variance, fun, and results.   And you definitely can expect to laugh, grow and become a better person along the way.


Shotgun CrossFit is more than a gym to get a good workout in.  There is a far bigger picture and always has been.  Over the past 5 years we have spent time thinking about and fine tuning our Mission Statement and Core Values at Shotgun CrossFit.  It defines our focus and makes hard decisions easy.  I’d like to share it with you so you can fully understand where our priorities are and see the big picture we see when we consider Shotgun CrossFit.   

Mission Statement:
Improve the lives of Uvaldeans through physical and emotional health.  We do this through CrossFit and by fostering a positive, healthy community.

Shotgun CrossFit’s Core Values:

We are in the people business.  Shotgun CrossFit is a place where people can expect to spend the best hour of their day.  High fives, fist bumps, smiles and positive words are expected and always encouraged.  

Our athletes deserve to learn how to move safely.  We do this by preserving the CrossFit class environment and providing valuable coaching to each and every class.  We will provide modifications when necessary in order to keep athletes of all levels and abilities safe.

Our athletes also deserve to feel personally safe.  All gossip and petty disagreements are left outside our doors.  This is a positive environment.  Period.

Our athletes can expect a properly run business.  We open on time.  We communicate changes to our schedule with the members appropriately.  We work hard to keep our gym as clean and organized as possible.  Shotgun CrossFit is a business and we are serious about providing our members with a solid product.


We have some slight change to gym fees starting January 1, 2018.  Please take note:

The new Discounted Rate for an individual will be $110 per month.  This discounted rate applies to the following:  Law Enforcement, First Responders, Active Military, Veterans, Educators, Students, UMH Workers, City of Uvalde Employees.

The monthly rates will now be as follows:

    •    Unlimited CrossFit Classes for an Individual:  $125

    •    Discounted Rate for an Individual:  $110 (12% Savings) - For law enforcement, first responders, military, veterans, educators, students and UMH employees.

    •    Couples/Family Rate: $200 or $100 for every family member (20% Savings)

    •    12 Months Paid In Full (offer is good only for January):  $1,200 (20% Savings)

Please see me for any questions or concerns.


Please make your monthly payments on time.  They need to be made by the 5th of the month.  If this poses a problem for you, JUST TALK TO ME.  We can work out a different payment schedule for you, however we need to communicate.


If you need to either stop your auto withdrawal or change your credit card info, it must be done 2 weeks before the change needs to be made.  

The best way to communicate with me about payments, credit card info changes, etc. is by writing it down on a payment envelope and dropping it into the payment box.


Worry-free workouts are part of the package! Childcare is currently offered during select class times.  You must STAY AT THE GYM while your child is in the childcare.  And please limit your time to one hour in order to  help the childcare workers run their program smoothly.

Parents, please read our Shotgun Kids' Club Policies HERE.

Gunners, you make Shotgun CrossFit the amazing place it is.  Thank you for all you give with your positive and willing attitudes.  We admire how you throw your heart out onto that floor when that clock says 3,2,1… GO!  And then stay after to high five and cheer each other on.  It is a privilege to work with such outstanding people I can’t thank you enough for such an incredible ride in 2017!


The Committed Club is going into year two at Shotgun CrossFit .  If you come to class and workout 20 times OR MORE  you are automatically an honorary member of this very exclusive club.  We will have a poster at the gym for you to track the days you come in for class.  Open Gym counts and every class counts.  At the end of the month, all the names of the Commitment Club go into a drawing for a different prize each month.  Setting the goal to make your health a priority is easy, but actually doing it is often a different story.  We want to reward and recognize you for all the hard work and dedication you show day in and day out.  YOU INSPIRE US!

Let’s do it again, shall we?

Laughter + Shared Agony = Shotgun CrossFit 


Mandi and Jared Reading

Mandi Reading