Thursday 9.7.17

Shotgun CrossFit circa 2012

Shotgun CrossFit circa 2012

Skill: EMOM
Ring MU work
MIn 1-3:  5-8 large swings on rings (like the "bow" in a bow and arrow)
Min 4-11:  EMOM 1-3 ring MU
MIn 1-3:  Great, awesdome kips on the bar (like a "bow") 
Min 4-11:  EMOM 3-5 C2B, pull-ups, assisted pull-ups or ring rows


3 rounds:
400m weighted run 35/25 bumper plate
400m run
2 legless rope climbs

Sc:  2 regular rope climbs or 6 rope lowers per round;  reduce weighted run as needed.



Mandi Reading