Open Letter to All Gunners

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Dear Gunners,

Today marks the official 5 year anniversary of Shotgun CrossFit.  My mind and heart have been full of memories spanning these past years.

That first day we opened I prayed anyone would just show up.  I just hoped people to give us a try.  Little did I know what was in store…

Fitness taken to new levels.
Thousands of pounds lifted.
New skills developed.
Laughter until our sides hurt.
Friendships forged.
Lives transformed.
The passing of a dear friend.
Learning that every day is truly a gift.

Buying barbells, putting up pull-up bars and having a few boxes is the easy part.  Many can do that.  What money cannot buy is YOU:  THE COMMUNITY.  OUR SHOTGUN FAMILY.  

Thank you to EACH OF YOU for contributing to our Shotgun family.  Without the friendships, positivity and camaraderie — we become just barbells and chalky floors.  YOU are the magic and glue of Shotgun CrossFit.  Your willingness to show up, go for it, high five when it’s over and then come back for more is what makes you amazing in my eyes.

I thank each of you for giving a piece of yourself to Shotgun.  

And with that said…. LET’S CELEBRATE!  You are officially invited to the 5th Anniversary Party on September 23, 2017 at 6:30 pm.  Come for an evening of amazing food, prizes, awards, music, a mechanical bull!, margarita machine, and pool all done “Trashy Rodeo” style!  If you are nervous because you don’t know many people at the gym just put that fear aside right now.  We welcome all gym members and their dates no matter how long you’ve becoming coming to Shotgun CrossFit.  It will be a night to remember!


Mandi Reading

Mandi Reading