Thursday 12.7.17

Denise, Dasher, Dancer and Bea G.

Denise, Dasher, Dancer and Bea G.

5 min:  GHD sit-ups** or V-ups
3 sets - 10-20 each set
REST 2 min.
8 min:  Ring Muscle-Ups
EMOM 1-3 reps

**This is an opportunity for some of you to get some experience on the GHD machines if you feel ready.  Start with going to parallel, then work on going below parallel.  Work with a partner to spot you on the way back if needed.  

Assault Bike Cals
Box Jumps 24/20
Weighted DB Walking Lunges 50/35 (DB in each hand)

Sc:  Cut bike cals in 1/2;  Step-ups;  reduce DB weight or do unweighted lunges.  If you have knee issues than do reverse lunges holding onto a post.

Mandi Reading