Open Letter to All Gunners RE: Credit Card Payments

Shotgun Payment Envelope

Shotgun Payment Envelope

Dear Gunners,

As you know, we accept cash, check or credit card payments at Shotgun CrossFit.  

Starting in November 2017, I will be switching software in order to process credit card payments.  Several of you have opted for “Monthly/Auto Pay” and others charge their “Credit Card On File” each month.   Both of these will still be an option, however, I do not have the ability to go into the old software to gather your credit card information to switch it over.

 I need your help to input your credit card info into the new software. I need you to fill out a new payment envelope with your current credit card information.  

Fill it out on the front with your name and your Membership Option.

Mark your Method of Payment.  

If it is Credit Card, then mark if it is VISA or MASTERCARD (these are the only 2 we accept).

Write your credit card number clearly in the boxes.  Write your security code.  Write your name as it appears on the credit card and the expiration date.

Check the box for Monthly/Auto pay OR “Charge My Card on File”.  

Drop it in the PAYMENT box up front by the stereo.

Now you can relax!  If you are on Monthly/Auto pay you will be charged at the beginning of every month. You DO NOT have to do this every month. 

If you simply want us to keep your credit card infofor future payments or purchases on file we can still do that. 

** What if you don’t want Auto-Pay or pay with credit card?  Then ignore this entire thing!  We LOVE cash and check (no fees!).

If you have any questions, please shoot them my way. (210) 995-2051

Thank you!!  Shared Agony + Laughter = Shotgun CrossFit


Mandi Reading


Mandi Reading