Tuesday 10.3.17

Kasie & Tressa

Kasie & Tressa

Gunner Notes:  
1.  We were informed that on the North side of Calera St. tomorrow between the hours of 5:30-9am there is a trash pick-up.  Please do not park there so our new neighbors will like us (and get their trash picked up).

2.  Parking:  Still in the works!  We are still working out the kinks.  Please be patient as we get new keys for new locks on new gates, figure out what works best, etc.  We'll get there!

Every 2 minutes, for 16 minutes (8 sets), complete:
Snatch Lift-Off + Snatch from Mid-Patella (knee-cap)

You will perform a snatch lift-off, then hold at mid-patella for 2 seconds, then snatch. Focus on pushing through the legs and pulling the barbell to your hips!

5 Rounds for time of: 
50 Double-unders
5 Power Snatch, 135/95

Sc: 100 singles; 115/80 or less

Mandi Reading